This vast campus houses the department of ECE, CSE, Mech,…

Department Of Mechanics
This department runs a cutting–edge course under the guidance of Prof. Akella Suresh and has several distinguished faculty members , with a number of them currently completing their research. The department has sophisticated infrastructure laboratories.

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering
The ECE department prepares students for careers in this constantly evolving discipline and is headed by Prof. Pandu Ranga Rao and his eminent teaching staff.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering
This discipline is headed by Prof.Muralinath Reddy and his well-qualified and experienced faculty team focussing on the development of computing, IT systems and applications.

Department of Humanities
The Humanities department has highly experienced knowledge-driven faculty propelled by Dr.P.N.Murthy. The English multi-media and communication labs are the epicenters for preparing the students to stand tall in the Job Market. The Maths department takes care of improving the analytical thinking of students and enables them to apply mathematics in any field of Engineering.

Department of Physics & Chemistry
This department is led by Prof. V.Vishwanathan, who worked as a Scientist at IICT. His team includes young, energetic, and qualified faculty with hands-on experience to carry out research and development projects in the field of Basic Sciences.

Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the oldest engineering profession, forming the most critical and basic component of nation building.The Civil Engineering students of today are fortunate as the Civil Engineering profession has got back its place of glory.Developments in infrastructure and housing sectors are opening up new opportunities and challenges allowing flow of new technologies and materials.The future holds promise to young Civil Engineer who are better exposed to the varied demands of construction industry with zeal to be ever ready and perform under any circumstances of design, execution and management.The Department also encourages its students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, Special / Invited Lectures, Seminars, Technical Festivals and Nation and International Conference, Annual Alumni Meets, thus ensuring the overall development, nurturing of team spirit and organizational skills.