cse dep oldAbout CSE Department

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2001. All through its sparkling history of 6 years, it has been known for its exceptionally strong Under-Graduate and Post Graduate training programs. Students are introduced to algorithmic processes that create, describe and transform information and formulate suitable abstractions to model complex systems.  The study is devoted to theoretical foundations of computations and practical techniques for its implementation. Computer Science focuses on Software and Computer Engineering emphasizes hardware. In its entirety, Computer Science and Engineering can be conceived as the two sides of the same coin, where each side complements the other. Apart from the regular courses, the  department also conducts workshops, training programs and conferences to provide best technical skills and software engineering ethics.

Programme Offered:

UG: Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) with an intake of 240 for the duration of 4 Years

PG: Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) with an intake of 24 for the duration of 2 Years