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Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology

On 5th October 2019

The Entrepreneurship Development  Cell, Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology organised UNDER 25 SUMMIT on 5th October 2019.The summit aims to give insights about the significance of passion,arts,music and other unconventional talents in students.It also provides the awareness of emerging of new talents by the millennials in different platforms.

The speakers for the summit

1. Vineeth Vincent – Beatboxer, EMCEE, Host, Presenter, Youtuber.

2. Sidharth Bendi – Musician, Composer.

3. Sharath Chandra – Founder of CHAI BISKE, ROWDY WEAR.

4. Tharun Bhascker – Director, Actor.

5. Rakesh Varre – Actor, Producer.

6.Aavyshkaar – Band.

The summit started at 1.30 p.m. on 5th October 2019 by the opening speech and performance by Vineeth vincent followed by the fireside chat with Sidharth bendi. The panel discussion between Sharath chandra of Chai bisket gave valuable insights about the existence of youtube and its opportunities for the new talents.  

Tharun Bhascker who got national award for his first debut movie as director had an interactive session with students as well as shared his valuable insights on opportunities in Film industry followed by the Keynote address on the struggles in film industry by the Rakesh Varre widely popular by his supporting roles in TFI. The self started fusion band of hyderabad called as AAVYSHKAAR performed live band.

The faculty coordinator for the summit is Mr.Sainath Kasuba, Coordinator of EDC,

The Student Representative/Coordinator (called as SPACE WARRIOR) were B.Dileep Seshu, Mysura Reddy, Gaurav Samudrala, Vamsi Krishna, Vaishnavi, Rufus, Sohan, Sai vamshi Krishna, Sai karthik, Sushrith.