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The National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) has been operational since the inception of the Institution i.e., 2011.

There are two units, Unit-I, Unit-II that are functioning

  • NSS works in collaboration with non-profitable and socially responsible organizations such as,
    • TITA (Telangana Information Technology Association)
    • TSACS ( Telangana State AIDS Control Society)
    • Red Cross Society blood bank
    • Lead Life Foundation
    • LSF (lee shreyus foundation)
    • Lions club of Sreyas
  • At SIET, the Management, Staff and Students take active part in various program offerings. SIET has about 200 active NSS volunteers.
  • The NSS unit has adopted notable number of Govt. schools.


Objective: Personality development through communal service

NSS Student Volunteer selection Criterion:

  • Should have passion towards Social Service
  • Possesses good conduct and regular to academics
  • Good academic track record


  • Special Camp certificate will be issued by the institution’s NSS unit.
  • Regular NSS Certificate / 240 hours Regular NSS Certificate – will be issued by the University NSS Cell for those who have participated in Regular NSS Activities for 240 hours in their academic duration and participated in two Special Camps.
  • Best Volunteer Award at the institution level can be given by the institution at the end of the academic year.
  • Awards & recognitions
  • Reservation Quota in higher education (as per rules in force)
  • Preference in recruitment of certain jobs

Special Camps

  • NSS Special Camp 2018-19
  • National Integration Camp
  • West zone pre-parade selection
  • NSS Special Camp 2016-17
  • NSS Special Camp 2015-16


List of events organized and attended in the year 2020-21 (Click to view)

1.       9th Sep 2021Clay Ganesha Event10920SIET CampusSIET NSS Cell
2.       6th Sep 2021Teacher’s Day10050SIET CampusSIET NSS Cell
3.       6th Sep 2021NSS Orientation Day1501SIET CampusSIET Alumni
4.       31st July 2021Cloths Distribution204SIET CampusSIET NSS Cell
5.       14th July 2021Haritha Haram8615SIET CampusSIET NSS Cell
6.       2021-06-21 00:00:00International Yoga Day245OnlineMinistry of Ayush Yoga. Govt of India
7.       2021-05-03 00:00:00COVID Awareness at SIET20012Virtual meeting SIET NSS Cell
8.       2021-03-08 00:00:00Women’s day12045SIET AuditoriumSIET NSS cell
9.       26/1/2021Republic Day Celebrations5All FacultySIETSIET NSS Cell
10.       2021-01-01 00:00:00Covid19 Activities 151Thimmapur VillageSIET NSS Cell
11.       31/12/21 to 3/1/2021Meditation Made Simple41OnlineHeartfulness Club

List of events organized and attended in the year 2019-20 (Click to view)

1.       2019-12-01 00:00:00World's AIDS Day283RavindraBharathiState NSS Unit
2.       19/11/2019Stree Shakti Diwas503SIET CampusSIET NSS CELL
3.       31/10/2019 RashtriyaEktaDiwas152SIET CampusSIET NSS CELL
4.       26/10/2019Samskruthisamvad502SIET CampusSIET NSS CELL
5.       2019-10-02 00:00:00NSS Mega Ghandian Youth Conclave1002JNTUH CAMPUSSIET NSS CELL
6.       28/9/2019Batukamma Celebrations6025SIET CampusSIET NSS CELL
7.       25/9/2019She team Anniversary Celebrations151SIET CampusSIET NSS CELL
8.       22/09/2019 to 24/09/2019Golden NSS Day CELEBRATIONS41CMR ITSIET NSS CELL
9.       2019-09-07 00:00:00Ganesh Immersion40020SIET CampusSIET NSS CELL
10.   30/08/2019 to 05/09/2019 Telangana Ku Haritha Haram302JNTUH CAMPUSSIET NSS CELL
11.   25/7/2019Rain Conservation302SIET CampusSIET NSS CELL
12.   21/6/2020Yoga Day 3315SIET CampusSIET NSS CELL

List of events organized and attended in the year 2018-19



1st April 2019 International Youth Exchange Between India And Bangladesh JNTUH P.O with  17 Students
2 31st Mar,2019


District Level Awareness Session On Role Of Students In Strengthening Democracy And Ethical Voting College Campus P.O with  200 Students
3 12th  Feb,2019 No Helmet No Parking College Campus P.O with 50 students
3 7th Feb,2019 State Youth Parliament Kakatiya University 1 Student
5 2nd Feb,2019 University Level NSS Youth Festival JNTUH P.O with  17 Students
6 23rd Jan,2019 Vivek Band Ramakrishna Matt 50 students
7 12th Jan,2019 Traditional Day College Campus 550 Students
8 11th Jan,2019 College Level Youth Festival College Campus 550 Students
9 5th Jan,2019 National Birds Day College Campus 120 Students
10 4th Jan,2019 Louis Braille Day College Campus 150 students
11 15th – 21st Dec,2018 National Integration Camp Telangana University 2 Students
12 14th Dec,2018 Kashmiri Youth Exchange Guru Nanak Institute Of Technology 25 students
13 1st Dec,2018 World Aids Day College Campus 20 Students
14 17thNov,2018 International Youth Conclave College Campus 150 students
15 15thNov,2018 University Level Pre-RD Camp Selections JNTUH 4 Students
16 6thNov,2018 Safe Diwali Campaign College Campus 50 Students
17 16thoct,2018 Heritage Trip Warangal 15 Students
18 16-17th Oct,2018 State Inter University Floral Bio Diversity Campaign Kakatiya University 15 Students
19 12th Oct,2018 Telangana State Floral Festival Competetions College Campus 2000 Students and Faculty
20 9th Oct,2018 Bharat Talent Conclave College Campus 100 Students
21 7th Oct,2018 Indo-Afghan Talk College Campus 300 Students
22 2nd Oct,2018 Gandhian Youth Conclave College Campus 300 Students
23 2nd Oct,2018 Swachh Bharat-Aroghya Bharat Gandhi Dharshan 15 Students
24 30th Sep,2018 World Rivers Day Mansurabad 25 Students
25 29th Sep,2018 Parakram Parv Visit Parade Grounds 15 Student
26 27th Sep,2018 National Green Corps Inaguration College Campus 300 Students
27 24th Sep,2018 NSS Day Celebrations JNTUH 20 Students
28 22nd Sep,2018 Haryana Telangana Youth Conclave College Campus 300 Students
29 17th  to 18th

Sep 2018

Prakriti 2K18 Ravindra Bharathi 1 Student
30 15th Sep,2018 Massive Ganesh Bucket Immersions College Campus 3000 Students
31 7th  to 13th

Sep 2018

Nature Camp Warangal 1Student
32 26th Aug- 2nd Sep,2018 National Integration Camp BVRIT 2 Students
33 25thAug,2018 Sadhbawana Diwas College Campus 100 Students
34 20thAug,2018 NSS Campus Photography Competetion College Campus 100 Students
35 12th July,2018 Unnath Bharath Abhiyan College Campus 50 Students
36 11th July,2018 Different Schemes of Prime Minister   Thatiannaram 100 Students
37 2nd to 6th July,2018 Inter State Youth Exchange Programme Between Telangana and Andhrapradesh Siddhartha Institute Of Engineering And Technology 10 Students
38 30th June,2018 Seed Balls Campaign Aurora College Of Engineering 30 Students
39 June 6th – 28th,2018 Swachh Bharath Summer Internship Pasumamula village 60 Students
40 12thJune,2018 World Against Child Labour Day Pasumamula 60 Students
41 June 5th,2018 Beat Plastic Pollution TSPCB Sanath Nagar 40 Students
42 21st May to 5th June,2018 Musi River Front Cleanup Musi,Warangal ORR 25 Students
43 5th June,2018 World Environment Day College Campus 100 Students
44 21st May,2018 Telangana Bio Diversity Festival College Campus 100 Students