Sreyas Engineering College Principal's Desk

Principal’s Desk


Principal: Dr. Suresh Akella 

Message from Principal
Sreyas Institute of Engineering & Technology is established with a vision of nurturing young talents. The primary aim of this of our institution is to provide professional education, in a vibrant atmosphere to deserving students. It is the desire of SRYS to promote sustained growth and inclusiveness by harnessing young talents who are pro-active enough to meet the demands and challenges of the volatile global environment. Emphasis is placed on the holistic development of the students coupled with value based education through sound ethics.
SREYAS looks at education, not merely in terms of quantity of knowledge, but in terms of quality of knowledge that helps form the character of students, ‘total formation of individuals’. In a world of unequal and unjust society, SREYAS forms students as catalysts of social change in order to march with the marginalized to the summit of empowering the powerless. SREYAS also possesses a progressive and innovative outlook with traditional roots.
I assure you all that the SREYAS administration and my team of dedicated and highly qualified faculty are totally committed to produce Engineers of a very high caliber to meet the growing and ever changing demands of industries and global market.

Principal Profile


  • Ph.D in FEM and numerical simulations from University of Alberta, Canada, 1984 where he developed Timoshenko Beams and shafts to model Turbine shaft vibrations and balancing.
  • Postgraduate (Masters) Degree in Design and Machine dynamics from IIT Madras, 1980
  • Undergraduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Osmaina University, 1978



  • Industry: Worked as R&D and Quality head for about 25 years, developed AWQ quite compressor which was the life line of the company for about 20 years. He was also technically heading Denison Hydraulics for Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. As a Quality head he was involved in TQM, ISO9000, ISO14000, UL certification.
  • Academics: 10 years of teaching experience for both B. Tech and M. Tech dealing subjects like Precision Engineering; TQM & FEM; Tribology; Engineering Mechanics and Drawing.
  • Ph. D Guide – 4 PhD doctorates were awarded under his guidance and another five are pursuing.
  • Google Scholar: Citations – 253; H –Index: 6; i10 Index: 5


Current Association:

  • Principal and R&D head at Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology, affiliated to JNTUH.
  • He is the chief editor of Sreyas International Journal for Scientists and Technocrats.
  • He is the partner of Akella Systems manufacturing portable ACs, SMAC, from the institute.
  • He was BOS member for ME for JNTUH, Vignan and RGKUT.
  • A member of IIE, NVSI, IIW, ISHRE.


Research, Projects & Publications:

  • He has published more than 50 papers in International and National Journals and conferences in the area of noise and vibrations, R&AC, compressor designs.
  • He got three patents.
    • US Patent App. 11/0 16, 431: Variable frequency compressor – cited in Google scholar 57 times, implemented at Tecumseh.
    • Appl No. 2253/che/2010: Roll Bond Evaporated – ISHRAE student application for cell tower cooling
    • Appl No. 201841043732A: Portable Air Conditioner in manufacturing by Akella Systems.
  • Completed a 25Lacs project for BRFST for welding analysis using Ansys and Abacus in 2015
  • Established a Psychrometric test lab under MSME supported by EDC of JNTUH in the duration 2013 -16.
  • He developed Timoshenko Beams and shafts to model Turbine shaft vibrations and balancing.
  • He built a semi anechoic remove for assisting compressor model testing and Air conditioner testing
  • He developed calorimeter lab, reliability lab, customer care centre.
  • He also helped local university JNTUH and OU for their, UG, PG and PhD projects.


He has visited Canada, USA, Japan, China, South Korea, France and Dubai for his research work and presentation of papers in the conferences. His interest in modelling and manufacturing continues.

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