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We are proud to announce that Sreyas Institute of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad is a remote centre for Electronics and ICT academy MNIT Jaipur., where the participating faculty will attend live lectures, given by IIT faculty members, through a view Mechanism. Furthermore, the participants can interact with the Faculty.

Faculty Development Programmes in core areas of Electronics and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) streams have been planned by academies for delivery during winters (i.e., Dec’19 – Jan’20). All these winter courses will be offered through National Knowledge Network (NKN) based Video Conferencing, with lectures delivered by invited experts from IITs, NITs, IIITs and other premier institutes / industries. In addition, local course coordinators at respective academies / identified remote centers will take care of sessions on design orientation / activity linked problems / assignments / case studies and quiz test(s).

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Dates Title of the Schedule  Trainings  (A.Y 2019-2020) Deadline for Registration
· 16/12/19 – 20/12/19 VLSI Chip Design Hands on using Open Source EDA , MNIT Jaipur(E&ICT) 09th Dec 2019
· 23/12/19 – 27/12/19 AI and Machine Learning , MNIT Jaipur(E&ICT) 16th Dec 2019
· 30/12/19 – 03/01/20 Theory, Operation and Applications of Transducers & Actuators in Industry by Subrata Chattopadhyay (NITTTR, Kolkata)
· 06/01/20 – 10/01/20 Natural Language Processing 23rd Dec 2019
· 13/01/20 – 17/01/20 ICT Tools for Teaching, Learning Process & Institutes 06th Jan 2019
· 20/01/20 – 24/01/20 Organizational Behaviour by Mithu Dey (NITTTR, Kolkata)
· 03/02/20 – 07/02/20 Development of Laboratory Instruction and Manual by Subrata Mondal (NITTTR, Kolkata)
· 17/02/20 – 21/02/20 Problem Solving and Decision Making by Sukanta Kumar Naskar (NITTTR, Kolkata)
· 02/03/20 – 06/03/20 Commentary on IS: 456-2000 with an Introduction to IS:13920-2016 by Santanu Bhanja (NITTTR, Kolkata)
· 23/03/20 – 27/03/20 Renewable Energy Sources and Emerging Technologies by Sheela Yadav Rai (NITTTR, Kolkata)

Electronics & ICT Academy Course Registration Process

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Click on the following link http://online.mnit.ac.in/eict/
  2. Please do the registration by using your Email ID. The password will be sent on this email.
  3. Fill registration form details.
  4. After registration, select course(s) for registration. And remote center as Sreyas Institute of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad.
  5. Pay online fee, after course registration. (Participants can give cheque instead or DD. Upload scanned copy of DD or cheque. This DD / Cheque will be RETURNED on the last day of FDP after completion of the course)
  6. Please do not use any special character like colon (:), semi colon (;), single quote (‘), double quote (“), etc in your text. Use of such special characters is prohibited in the online forms.

For any queries, feel free to contact:

Dr. Kantipudi MVV Prasad (Remote Center Co-Ordinator)  

Mobile :  +919586408854