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Selecting the ‘right’ engineering college is a big decision, both for you and your family. It is these four years that will help decide what you will do in life. There is no ‘right’ college as such, but there may be colleges that are ‘right’ for you. Choose the right engineering institute.

Choosing an engineering stream

Before choosing a college, you will have to decide which engineering branch you would like to pursue. This is a very important step because no one would want to end up doing a course if they were not motivated enough to do so. Do research on different streams to find out details of various branches.

Your choice should also be based upon your strengths and goals.

Identify your natural abilities — your aptitude. It is very important.

There are various engineering streams and you need to map your aptitude for a specific engineering stream. In simple terms, what you fancy about may be an indicator of your aptitude.

What are you interested in? Like Car design, mobiles, high rise buildings or in pure abstract thinking? Your interests indicate your aptitude.

In the case of a private seat versus government seat, this parameter will have a huge bearing.

Define your goals. Decide whether you want to opt for a job/business or Higher Education. Whether you wish to settle down in India or abroad also have a bearing on your choice.

Considering and categorizing colleges

After making that decision, the next one should be to choose an alternate other engineering streams that you can settle for if you are not eligible or if you cannot get the stream of your choice.  Based on our common entrance test Score, choose the colleges that are reasonably easy to get into, and also ones that you will be happy attending without much regret. Also categorize with other criteria like distance from home, affordability, look and feel.

Before choosing any college, Visit the colleges you are considering to see the infrastructure, facilities available, laboratories & faculty. Talk to students and listen to their experiences and opinions. Get an idea of the facilities in the college and especially of the streams you are considering.

Check if you are eligible for any scholarship or financial aid

Checking for scholarships and financial aids is important and if you can avail any, you can attend the top colleges that you had set aside because you were not able to afford.

Always try to get information from multiple sources, from your well-wishers and in case of conflicting information take your own call.

So make sure all the decisions ultimately develop the best qualities in you.

All the best!