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Blockchain Technology Fundamentals

The webinar on Blockchain Technology Fundamentals is organized by the IEEE SREYAS STUDENT BRANCH under the IEEE Computer Society on the 12th of May,2020 by Dr. Ravirajsinh Vaghela.

About the Speaker
Dr. Ravirajsinh Vaghela, who is a designated Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Application. IoT, Data Science and Machine learning are his areas of expertise. By profession, Dr. Ravirajsinh Vaghela is Professor teaching C++, JAVA, .NET to UG students and Oracle to PG level students. Has a working experience of 9years.

Introduction to the webinar

The webinar is a curtain-raiser for students unaware about the Blockchain Technology, and a sort of prelude to the students who are formerly aware and very much educated about the Blockchain Technology, a brush-up of sorts on the basics of what this seemingly miraculous piece of Technology has to offer. The webinar started at 10 AM and concluded by 11 AM, with a 15-minute questionnaire.

The Speaker Dr. Ravirajsinh Vaghela was introduced and warmly welcomed by the IEEE Student Branch Chair.

Introduction to Blockchain Technology The introduction to Blockchain Technology is elucidated very briefly by the speaker making the students familiar with the technology in very simple layman’s terms.

The blockchain technology is explained stepwise from the user requesting transaction to the end verification and execution of the transaction. The difference between Blockchain and Cryptocurrency was explained briefly, as cryptocurrency being one of the applications of Blockchain Technology.

The Speaker gave the students a brief history from its humble beginnings in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W Scott Stornetta, to Satoshi Nakamoto implementing the first Blockchain as the Public Ledger for the transaction made using Bitcoin in 2009.

The speaker informed the students about the skillset required to become a Blockchain developer, a few of them being fluent in Programming Languages like C, C++, Node.js, Java, Python, having adept knowledge about networking, etc.. By the end of the Webinar, Students had a clear understanding about the basics of Blockchain technology, Applications of Blockchain technology. The program was highly interactive with a questionnaire at the end where students asked about the applications in the field of Electrical Engineering, Healthcare, Citizen Identification Cards, and its security.

The end salutation :
The webinar ended with a thank you note by the IEEE Sreyas Student Branch Chair and its subsequent reciprocation by the Speaker Dr, Ravirajsinh Vaghela.