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COVID 19 effect on future IT Jobs

The webinar on COVID-19 effect on future IT jobs is hosted by the center for signal processing and communication system(CSPCS) on 9th June 2020 by Venkat Kotapati.

Venkat Kotapati(CEO, Vivilex Technologies) has over 16 years of comprehensive IT experience including 6 years of onsite experience in the area of capability building, critical project delivery, project and risk management, resource
planning, and control. He is skilled in insurance, banking, financial, and manufacturing applications.

The webinar started at 11:00 am and lasted up to 12:00 pm. The webinar commenced after the introduction
by the CSPCS student co-ordinator.

Around 80 students registered for this webinar. The webinar started by sharing the thoughts of Covid-19 and its impacts on students, industries, and employment in India. The effect of IT jobs on fresh graduates in the coming years is demonstrated. The skills required for the students to overcome the unemployment crisis and process to find a new job during this crisis is explained by signifying the reasons for the un-employability of the students.

The webinar continued by assisting students with the way to prepare for the interview and the importance of the CV to impress recruiters is demonstrated. Clear knowledge and tips are given to create an appealing CV.

The program terminated after an interactive Q&A session. Students found this session highly supportive and informative to decide their future steps.

The webinar ended with a thank giving note by the CSPCS student co-ordinator.