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After the H&S program, the first year students will be able to feature the following outcomes.

  1. They are good at the basic mathematics and science skills. Since the H&S program concentrates on improving the necessary mathematics and science knowledge, to make them ready to grasp the complicated concepts in the future years of graduation.
  2. Their communication skills are excellent. Both oral and written skills are of excellent quality, since they are offered with the English workshop in this program. This workshop focuses on developing the communication skills by using various programs.
  3. Good at the electronics concepts, and they can carry out the basic electronic connections, and they are ready to understand the advanced concepts in this niche.
  4. They have decent skills in electrical laboratories, and they are able to perform basic experiments.
  5. The mechanical workshop provided in the H and S program develops the required mechanical engineering skills in the students, which are useful as a foundation for the mechanical students.
  6. The engineering drawing workshop can instill drawing skills in the graduates, which is primarily required for the civil and mechanical students.
  7. They elude excellent computer skills of basic level, with good expertise in the basic programming language, the “C” language.
  8. They are ready to tackle any engineering group in the further years of graduation.