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Excel the student’s knowledge and skills by the basic concepts of science and to chisel the professional etiquette of the students, which  facilitates the students in achieving academic excellence.
To provide value-based education to the budding scientists and engineers.

  • Assigning Class-Incharges to each section, to monitor- truancy,discipline, punctuality, dress-code,  counselling etc.
  • Conducting fair-elections in selecting the Class-representatives to post the concerns of their respective classes.
  • Organizing Seminars, Workshops and carry out the activities of various Subjective Clubs for students.
  • Organizing Cultural, Literary, CRT, NSS and other events for students.
  • Granting permissions to the Staff to attend Seminars, Workshops for Paper presentations & publications.
  • Encouraging Staff to excel in Professional Front as part of R& D endeavour.
  • Organizing Teacher- Parent meet after the completion of Semesters.
  • Completing the Syllabus as per the Spell of Instructions designed by JNTUH.
  • Representing the grievances of the Staff & Students to the Management.
  • Arranging remedial classes for weak students.
  • To supplement infrastructure for strengthening methodology practices.
  • Co-ordinating the work with other Core-departments for smooth functioning of the system.
  • Documenting the work done in the Department.

 The core objectives of the department are to impart students with logical thinking analytical reasoning, problem solving skills and soft skills , to meet the growing demand in the industrial and marketing sectors and to widen their horizon of knowledge for intellectual enhancement to suit the context of globalization.