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Humanities & Sciences


About H&S Department

The H&S department came into existence in 2011, with the main motto to provide the basic engineering aspects to the first year students, and prepare them well for the advanced levels of engineering.

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Department Faculty

The H&S department’s faculty have the fine abilities to teach the fresher students effectively, and make them proficient in the respective aspects. Their lectures are easy to interpret and extremely useful.

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Vision & Mission

The new engineering students should be offered with the required assistance to tackle the engineering aspects of basic level, and they should be made perfect in them, to understand the further levels.

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Course Structure

We follow the course structure set by the JNTUH University, which is the first year of B.Tech for the H&S department. The related engineering subjects with a basic difficulty level are offered for the students.

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HOD Profile

DR.S Sudhakar Reddy heads Humanities and Sciences Department. He has put in 34 years of service in the teaching profession as an administrator and an educationist.                                                                                                                         .

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H&S Program Out Comes

The outcomes of H&S program suggests that the first year graduate students are perfect in the starting levels of engineering, and they are ready to undergo the advanced level training in the further years.

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Many labs are offered for the first year students, and they have prompted us to arrange excellent infrastructure, like the lab equipment, workshop amenities, etc., to help the students in academic preparations.

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Research & Publications

The research programs are very essential for the first year students, since they provide hands-on approach for the students, to understand well and perform incredibly in the academic examinations.

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Department Contact

Call us if you want any clarifications regarding our department. We are on the forefront to help you with the required details, and answer your queries. The contact information is provided here.

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