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Salesforce – Student Inaugural on 4th January 2020 at Sreyas Institute

Expert Lecture on ‘Sales Force’ was organized at Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology on 04th January 2020 by Training and Placement Department. Mr. Ashish Ranjan, a successful Engineer at SalesForce has an inaugurated Student Program and gave an awareness session to the students.

He Explained that Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and probably worlds no one. It’s a Cloud-based CRM, like accessing Gmail or Google Account. Salesforce also runs over the internet and no need to install any Salesforce software on to your PC. Anybody from any academic background can learn Salesforce as there are no prerequisites for learning this. Salesforce is divided into Admin and Development, Where Development requires coding knowledge like JAVA, .net. He suggested going for Salesforce Online training and certification assistance.

The session ended with Q and A, where the students got a clarified their doubts. A total of 292 students from various departments had participated in the event.

Shri A Hriday Reddy – Vice Chairman, Dr. Suresh Akella – Principal, Training and Placement Direct Mr. Anish Srivastsav – Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology felicitated Mr. Ashish Ranjan.