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The webinar on “The culture of start-ups and their effective solutions” is organized by the IEEE Sreyas Student branch under the IEEE Computer Society chapter on 9th May 2020.

About Speaker:
Dileep Seshu Basina (Founder and CEO at FROMTHEHEART) a self- starter and a quick learner. Versatile skill set with experience in client relations, human resources, graphic design, web design, written and oral communication. Recognized skills in mentoring, mediating between employees, and leading team projects. An entrepreneur with strong grit and focus.

Introduction and webinar:
The webinar started at 12 pm and lasted up to 1:30 pm.
The speaker Dileep Sir welcomed everyone to the webinar.
The session started with a basic definition of a start-up, then The basic difference between business and start-up, How ideas turn into start-ups, The reason for failure of most of the startups, 5 stages of a successful start-up, How government is supporting Start-ups were explained clearly.
The 5 stages of Start-up :
 Concept and research
 Commitment
 Traction
 Refinement and scaling
 Becoming Established
Was explained in a detailed manner. Students are made aware about how the government is supporting the startups and how the startup has bought change in employment trends.

Students are also made to know the dark side of entrepreneurship and how determined an an entrepreneur must be.

By the end of the webinar, students are made aware of entrepreneurship and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. The program ended with a thank you note by the IEEE Sreyas student branch chair.