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The mechanical engineering graduates are appropriate for many career prospects, and hence, they have plethora of job opportunities once they complete their graduation.

The prime and important industry which requires mechanical engineers in abundance is automobile sector. The engineers are needed to craft various mechanical aspects, and design the engines. There are different types of engines, and automobiles in the market. Hence, large number of mechanical engineers are required for this sector. The ongoing research and development programs in this sector can provide the mechanical engineers with chances to come up with innovative designs regarding the engines as well as body structures and other mechanical aspects.

Mining industry

Due to the presence of various moving parts in the infrastructure of these industries, the need of mechanical engineers is inevitable. They are needed for the development and upkeep of the mining infrastructure.

Air conditioning and refrigerating industries

Since these appliances have a lot of moving parts, it is again the duty of mechanical engineers to develop, manufacture and service the cooling and refrigerating appliances.

Medical industry

The medical industry needs the inputs of mechanical graduates in designing and maintaining the artificial body organs.

Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry, which deals with the production and maintenance of aircrafts and space crafts, offer exclusive openings for the mechanical engineering students.

Due to the presence of many other prospective industries, the job prospects for the mechanical engineers are never ending.