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Mechanical Department of Sreyas having the well Qualified, Experienced and Dedicated faculty. They are committed to excellence in teaching and passionate about research & development. They have well experience in their subjects. They can deal with any type of problems can face. They can coordinate the real-time projects, research & development programs


S.NoName of the Full-time teacherDesignation QualificationSpecializationRegistration IDPhoto
1Dr SURESH AKELLAProfessor B.E, M.E, P.hDProduction5951-150409-153728Dr. Suresh Akella
2Dr A C UMAMAHESHWER RAOProfessor & HODB.Tech, M.Tech, P.hD.Material Science8363-170915-160832Dr. A C Umamaheswara Rao
3Mr Y KRISHNAIAHAssoc. ProfessorB.E., M.E., (Ph.D.)Design0125-150411-113919Y Krishnaiah
4Mr K SAINATHAssoc. ProfessorB.E.,M.Tech., (Ph.D.)Thermal46150404-161821K Sainath
5Mr K L N MURTHYAsst. ProfessorB.Tech.,M.Tech,(Ph.D)CAD/CAM38150402-141551K L N Murthy
6Mrs K RAMYA DEEPIKAAsst. ProfessorB.Tech., M.Tech.CAD/CAM19150406-113916K Ramya Deepika
7Mr T RAVIAsst. ProfessorB.Tech., M.Tech.CAD/CAM77150402-165757T Ravi
8Mr B SANDEEPAsst. ProfessorB.Tech.,M.techAdvanced manufacturing Systems25150406-123753B Sandeep
9Mr K RAJA SEKHARAssoc. ProfessorB.Tech.,M.Tech., (Ph.D.)Thermal7031-160525-144735K Raja Sekar
10Mr PRAVEEN B RONADAsst. ProfessorB.E, M.Tech.Computer Integrated manufacturing2952-160525-150140Praveen B Ronad
11Mr M BHANU CHANDRAAsst. ProfessorB.E, M.Tech.CAD/CAM5967-170118-145527M Bhanu Chandra
12Mr MANJUNATH BHAJANTRIAsst. ProfessorB.E, M.Tech.Materials Science Engineering9401-170111-122733Manjunath Bhajantri
13Mr P PRAVEEN KUMARAsst. ProfessorB.Tech, M.Tech.Thermal8947-150508-155414P Praveen Kumar
14Mr B SANJANNAAsst. ProfessorB.Tech.,M.Tech.CAD/CAM6174-170201-143205B Sanjanna
15Mr K NAGESWARA RAOAsst. ProfessorB.Tech.,M.Tech.Thermal5157-150427-170655K Nageswara Rao
16Mr D V PALESHWARAssoc. ProfessorB.E., M.E.Mechanical7864-170207-171734D V Paleshwar
17Mr J SANDEEP KUMARAsst. ProfessorB.Tech., M.S.Engineering Design0797-160314-105228mech
18Mr M A S R ABHILASHAsst. ProfessorB.E., M. Tech., (Ph.D)Industrial Engineerinf96150404-100849M A S R Abhilash
19Mr DHEERAVATH ASHOK KUMARAsst. ProfessorB.Tech.,M.Tech.CAD/CAM3257-191118-130832D Ashok Kumar
20Mr PUTTA RAMUDU Asst. ProfessorB.Tech.,M.Tech.CAD/CAM1890-180202-115414P Ramudu
21Mr. M SAI KIRANAsst. ProfessorB.Tech.,M.TechAdvanced Manufacturing Systems0737-191108-140808mech
S.NoName of the Full-time TechnicianDesignation QualificationPhotos
1Mr K Ch G PrakasamWorkshop SuperintendentB.Tech. (M.Tech.)K Ch G Prakasam
2Mr S RadhakrishnaLab AssistantDiploma(Mechanical)S Radhakrishna
3Mr A YesudasLab AssistantITIYesudas
4Mr Mohammed KhajaLab AssistantITIMohammed Khaja