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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad hosted a Five-day Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning” for teaching faculties and Research Scholars from 23 rd December to 27th December 2019 in association with Electronics and ICT academy MNIT Jaipur.

The workshop was inaugurated with the opening speech from Prof. Vineet Sahula, chief coordinator (Electronics and ICT Academy, MNIT Jaipur) by welcoming all dignitaries and delegates followed by a keynote address. Mr. Ashish Sardana from NVIDIA delivered an expert talk on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. During the five days of workshop experts Prof. Partha Praim Roy, Prof. R. Balasubramanian, Prof. Dharmendra Singh and Prof. Kusumdeep from IIT Roorkee explained various Searching Techniques, Optimization methods, Machine Learning Algorithms & Structures to the participants across India using VidyoDesktop Mechanism. At Sreyas, the remote center coordinator Dr.Kantipudi MVV Prasad conducted the lab sessions on python software for all the participants as per the guidelines of workshop experts Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Across India, a total of 623 participants have participated in this workshop. At our remote center (Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology) 44 faculty members had participated in the workshop and learned the various Clustering and Classification techniques implementation by using open source tools. Our principal, Dr. Suresh Akella and Vice-Chairman A. Hriday Reddy Garu appreciated and congratulated all the participants for their successful completion of the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning workshop.