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Big Data for Big Impact

The webinar on Big data for Big impact is hosted by the IEEE Sreyas student branch under the IEEE Computer Society Chapter on 16th May 2020 by Dr.Jay Dave.

About Speaker:
Dr.Jay Dave is an Assistant Professor at Indus university with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. He is skilled in Data security along with Big data management and storage. He is strong education professional with a doctorate in computer engineering.

The webinar started at 10:00 am and lasted up to 11:00 am The webinar started after the salutation by the IEEE
Sreyas student chair, Kuchuru Mysura Reddy.Around 72 students registered for this webinar. The webinar started with the introduction of big data and its features, significance. Applications of big data, classifications, tools to deal with big data, challenges are explained in detail. The importance of learning programming languages and data science and its relation with big data is explained with the work and operation of data scientists. The major part is about Hadoop’s connection with big data, its history and Hadoop versions are described in a clear manner. The webinar winded up by the explanation of industrial impacts and the future of big data.

By the end of the webinar, students acquired knowledge on the importance of big data and data science in the present world and relation between the big data and Hadoop. Students found it quite advantageous to plan their next step. The program ended with the thank giving note by the IEEE Sreyas student chair.