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The webinar on digital marketing is organised by the IEEE sreyas student branch under the IEEE computer society chapter on 29th April,2020 by D.V. Ravi Varma.

About speaker

D.V. Ravi Varma (lead digital marketing trainer, Digital Brolly) is a serial entrepreneur and a digital marketer and is also known as one of the top Digital Marketing Trainers in Hyderabad. His own startup called Doer’s Guild(2012)today is engaged with more than 6 organisations which hold the key share. He is enthusiastic in exploring new business ideas and is also well adapted in technology, design and marketing. More than 5000 people
are trained about digital marketing both in the public and private sectors. He expertise in the field of search engine optimisation, google, Facebook, ads, Email and affiliate marketing.

Introduction and webinar

The webinar started at 10:30 am and lasted up to 11:30 am. The speaker D.V. Ravi Varma sir started the webinar after a welcome by the IEEE sreyas student chair. Around 112 students registered themselves for this program.

The webinar started with an interactive question and answer session regarding digital marketing to make students understand the term digital marketing in an effective way. Ravi Varma sir gave a detailed explanation about the term digital marketing, why digital marketing is important. Students are made to understand the scope of digital marketing, future and career opportunities in digital marketing. The benefits of learning digital marketing and how to its impact on regular life is also explained. The program ended with a question and answer session where students
actively posed their questions regarding digital marketing, The session was informative and interactive, giving the best of knowledge to students that could be a guideline to them in future, By the end of the webinar, students understood the term digital marketing, its use and its scope in future. Students found this program interesting and