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FDP on Report writing & Research Opportunities

One Week FDP on Report Writing and Research Opportunities

Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology has conducted One week FDP on Report Writing and Research opportunities to all the faculty members from 16th to 21st September, 2019.

Dr. T Kishen Kumar Reddy garu, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, has delivered the content of the FDP.

Under Report writing, he emphasized that the primary objective of a laboratory/practical course is to reinforce the basic principles of a particular engineering/science course under study, compare them with published/ established standards so as to get an idea of the conformity of the results and its associated uncertainty.

He quoted the most important teaching objectives for laboratory courses.

  • To allow the student to develop a “feel” for the scientific method of inquiry;
  • To stimulate technical thinking and understanding of fundamental measurement and analysis techniques;
  • To provide “hands-on” experience with lab instrumentation and data acquisition, being careful to relate measurements made with sophisticated equipment to those made with basic kinds of measurement techniques;
  • To develop the ability to work together in groups and the organizational and leadership skills required to perform a technical analysis and engineering evaluation; and
  • To improve the ability to present clear, succinct, well organized, and technically sound oral and written reports.

Dr. Kishan Reddy gave some quotes on R&D and elaborated them..

  • Dr. Kishan Reddy gave some quotes on R&D and elaborated them.. UNESCO definition of R & D: “any systematic and creative activity undertaken to create new knowledge.”
  • Carl Sagan (astronomer) aptly described a researcher as: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”
  • Francis Bacon said: “DNA of excellence is research.”

Below are the valuable suggestions given by Dr. Kishan Kumar Reddy garu

  • Institution should prioritize certain areas of research.
  • Obtain Research Centre status from affiliated University based on prescribed norms.
  • Work on live industry projects and GoI research thrust areas (work on the demand side, not supply side.
  • Work Progress to be reviewed periodically by experts, both at micro level and macro level including financial monitoring.
  • Faculty Skill Up gradation
  • Ability to undertake industrial consultancy projects for internal revenue generation.

Principal Dr. Suresh Akella and Vice Chairman Mr. Hriday Reddy felicitated Dr. TKK Reddy garu that, this was a useful workshop for each and every academician. Both of them encouraged the faculty members to follow the suggestions given by the emeritus Professor.

They also appreciated R&D Cell coordinator Dr. Diaz sir, Assoc Prof Mr. Sainath for organizing
the event.