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The webinar on Green Buildings is organized by the IEEE Sreyas Student Branch on the 14th of May,2020 with the speaker being Dr. V.S.K.V. Harish, with 200 total registered students.

About the Speaker
Dr. V.S.K.V. Harish is an Assistant Professor at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University(PDPU), Gandhinagar. Dr. Harish is currently researching in the field of Simulation-based building Energy Control alongside Energy sharing and trading in microgrids. Pursued his Engineering Masters in Power Engineering(Gold Medalist). Dr. Harish pursued his Ph.D. in February 2017 working to develop a smart building energy control and comfort optimization algorithm with intelligent modeling of building energy systems.

Introduction to the webinar
The webinar is an eye-opener for the students who are interested in the future of Smart and Environment-Friendly Building. This webinar on Green Buildings could be a prelude to many of the students who have an aptitude for the future of Smart Cities and in particular the Smart Accommodation(housing or work) and at the same time being Eco-friendly. The webinar started at 11:05 AM and concluded by 12 noon, concluding with a 20minute interactive questionnaire. The students witnessed a cordial reception of the Speaker, Dr. V.S.K.V. Harish by the IEEE Sreyas Student Branch Chair Mr. K. Mysura Reddy.

Introduction to the Green Buildings
The Speaker started with a Preamble to the webinar session setting the Agenda of the webinar clear, mentioning the current trends in Energy Consumption in Building, mentioning about his research in the field with all the technicalities, keeping it brief and precise, sprinkled with the Basic Concepts of Electrical and Electronic Engineering for better apprehension of the students. Ending the session on the high note with what the future has in store for us future citizens i.e being well equipped with the technical prowess of these Green Buildings and the beauty of them being Environment friendly. The Webinar ended with strong suggestions towards the use of AI, Sensors, and Control
Systems together to predict, analyze, and control the internal environment of housing without any adverse effects on the environment. This concept gives the students a taste of the future technologies which will be applied for the comfort of the human being along with safeguarding our nature protection interests.

The program ended on an interactive note with the students asking about the use of AI in predicting climatic changes and also the monetary feasibility of such a technologically advanced Concept with the Indian Societal and financial backdrop.
The ending salutations
The webinar ended with the IEEE Sreyas Student Branch Chair expressing deep gratitude towards Dr.V.S.K.V and its cordial reciprocation by the Speaker Dr.V.S.K.V Harish.