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Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition

The webinar on Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition is organized by the Center for Signal Processing and Communication Systems (CSPCS) on 4th June 2020 by Dr.x.Ascar Davix.

About speaker
Askar Davix (Associate professor, Department of ECE, RVR, and TC college of Engineering) has an interest in research in computer engineering and electronic engineering. His most recent publication is “license plate detection using channel scale space and color based detection method”. He is skilled and is highly expertise in signal, image and video processing, digital imaging, segmentation, and many such image processing areas.

Introduction and webinar
The webinar started at 11:00 am and lasted up to 12:15 pm. The speaker Askar Davix sir started the webinar after a welcome by the CSPCS student coordinator. Around 100 students registered themselves for this program.

The program started with a brief introduction to Digital Image Processing. Further, a clear explanation of the key stages involved in Digital Image processing is given. Different digital types such as intensity image, RGB
image, index image are taught. A special focus on spatial operations, computer vision applications are clearly explained.

The program further continued by discussing pattern recognition. Clear knowledge about variations in patterns, types of pattern recognition, features, feature vectors, feature extraction, classifiers that include neural networks, CNN, and evaluation of a classifier is provided to all the participants which gives them a clear knowledge about image analysis and its uses.

The program continued with an interactive Q&A session and all the participants found this program highly interesting and informative which gave them basic knowledge about image processing.

The Ending Salutations

The program ended with a vote of thanks by the CSPCS student coordinator.