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Introduction of Data Science and Data Modelling & Analysing of Covid-19

The webinar on the Introduction of Data Science and Data Modelling and Analyzing of Covid-19 is organized by the Center for Signal Processing and Communication Systems (CSPCS) on 6th June 2020 by Dr. Ashishkumar parejiya.

About speaker
Ashish Kumar Parejiya(Data scientist and senior manager(IT), Piramal group of industries) persuaded his bachelor’s degree in computer application from Hemchandracharya North Gujarat university and also is an doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) in computer science and studies. He is now working as senior information technology project manager. He is an experienced Hadoop Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the IT and services  industry. He is skilled in languages such as python, JAVA, Hibernate, Big Data Analytics, android and many other such skills and has a good experience in project architectural design and project management.

Introduction and webinar
The webinar started at 11:00am and lasted up to 12:15pm. The speaker Ashishkumar sir started the webinar after a welcome by the CSPCS student coordinator. Around 100 students registered themselves for this program. The program started with a brief introduction to Data Science and Analysis. Applications of data science and analysis of covid-19 are explained in detail. Adding to student’s curiosity, the impact of analysis for economics, govt.sector and research centers has been taught. A real time analysis is shown to participants i.e., the analysis of current covid-19 conditions prevailing in the country using data analysis and methodology that is being in use.

Participants are introduced to concepts such as pandas, numPy and matplotlib along with their advantages. The webinar turned much more interesting in the end with the covid-19 data analysis animated bar chart which left an interesting mark on students to learn more about data analysis and its importance. The program continued with an interactive Q&A session and all the participants found this program highly interesting and informative which
gave them basic knowledge about data analysis and its future use.

The Ending Salutations

The program ended with a vote of thanks by the CSPCS student coordinator.