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Job Search Readiness Quiz

Are you ready to handle a job search effectively and successfully? Do you have the knowledge, skills, experience and attitude it takes? Take this Job search readiness quiz by answering the following questions to find out where you stand..

1. Are you aware of your skills, interests and abilities

2. Are you aware of what motivates you to excel in that perticular job/position

3. Are you aware of your values

4. Are you of what you are looking for in a workplace

5. Are you comfortable researching and exploring different job openings/positions

6. Are you comfortable requesting and participating in informational interviews to gain perspective knowledge about different job positions, institutions and job providers

7. Are you comfortable that the job you are looking for best suits your values, skills, needs and interests

8. Are you comfortable identifying and researching company/job provider in your target

9. Are you comfortable finding out the names of the professionals in your target company that you should be contacting or referring

10. Are Your Resume and Cover Letter prepared to bear in mind the specific needs of the job provider and role you are targeting and are customized for that role

11. Do your Resume and Cover Letter contain action verbs, keywords, and the qualifications and skills that are of particular interest to the individual role and company you are targeting

12. Do your resume has a clear Objective statement which is customized for the role you are targeting

13. Are you sure your resume and cover letter have been thoroughly checked for grammatical mistakes and typos and you are confident they are professional, effective and powerful.

14. Have you assigned a certain number of hours a day specifically to the job search and are ready to pursue it in a diligent and disciplined manner

15. Are you keeping detailed records of every aspect of your job search including all contacts made via phone, mail, email, all interviews, all CVs and cover letters sent etc.

16. Do you understand what professional networking is all about and the importance of it.

17. Are you comfortable networking and have a strategy to aggressively expand on your existing network to get in touch with prospective job providers

18. Are you proactive about professionally approaching people who can aid you in your job search.

19. Are you comfortable sourcing and responding to advertised vacancies – in job portals, newspapers, trade magazines, institution websites, alumni bulletin boards etc.

20. Are you comfortable approaching company directly through a direct mail campaign ( for start up and mid sized companie’s)

21. Are you always aware of the unique skills, experience and abilities you have to offer a particular position and can package these appropriately.

22. Are you familiar with standard interview questions and are comfortable in any interview situation.

23. Are you ready to turn any unexpected turn in an interview to your benefit by emphasizing the positive in your career and credentials and track record and highlighting why you are uniquely qualified for the particular position.

24. Are you prepared to highlight you major achievements and how they could translate to future success in your target position.

25. Do you understand the importance of diligently following up on any interview or referral with a thank-you note.

26. Do you understand the importance of staying on the radar screen of your network through regular calls, mail, emails, visits etc.

27. Do you understand the importance of being persistent in the job search and do not get discouraged by any negative responses you receive.

28. Are you comfortable attending phone interviews.

29. Are you comfortable using the phone to prospect for referrals and jobs

30. Are you negotiating an offered package to a level that is agreeable to you.

If you found yourself answering ‘No’ more than ‘Yes’ to the above questions, chances are your job search techniques need some brushing up and refining.

Remember a successful job search begins with a through self-assessment and is followed by research, a thorough understanding of the job market and a well-planned, comprehensive, multi-faceted job-search strategy that includes diligent follow-up.

Courtesy by Teachershive.com

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