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One Day Orientation Workshop

Under the Aegis of Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Government of India National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) Conducted by Sreyas Institute of Engineering &Technology in association with VLabs Outreach Division, IIIT Hyderabad.

The aim of the one day workshop was to expose the concept of virtual laboratories, being developed under the phase 03 Project, Initiative of MHRD, Government of India, to the faculty members and students of Sreyas Institute of Engineering & Technology. This was the first step for the implementation of this model in our regular engineering education in the coming years at our organization One Day Orientation Workshop.

Objectives of the Virtual Labs:

  1. To provide remote- access to Labs in various disciplines of Science and Engineering. These
    Virtual Labs would cater to undergraduate students, and postgraduates and research scholars as
  2. To enthuse students to conduct experiments by arousing their curiosity. This would help
    them in learning basic and advanced concepts through remote experimentation.
  3. To provide a Learning Management System around the Virtual Labs where the students can
    avail the various tools for learning, including additional web-resources, video-lectures, animated
    demonstrations and self-evaluation.
  4. To share costly equipment and resources, which are otherwise available to a limited number of
    users due to constraints on time and geographical distances. The one-day orientation workshop on
    Virtual Laboratories was attended by 142 students and 20 faculty members with a usage recorded
    as 2399 from our organization.
    The main objective of this workshop was to create awareness on the utilization of web-based
    experiments, virtualization, and simulations towards enhanced learning. The target audience of
    faculties was chosen as the baton to pass on the knowledge of the existence of web-based
    experiments to students.
    The workshop was inaugurated with an opening speech from Dr. Suresh Akella, Principal, Sreyas
    Institute of Engineering & Technology, welcoming all dignitaries and delegates followed by a keynote
    address by Prof. P Ravi Shanker, Program Manager, Virtual Labs, IIIT Hyderabad, in the presence
    of Sri A. Hriday Reddy, Vice-chairman and all department heads of Sreyas Institute of Engineering
    & Technology. Workshop Coordinator: Dr. Kantipudi MVV Prasad Supported by Asst. Prof Mr. M D