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One Week Online FDP on Technology for Energy Harvesting, Medical and Commercial Applications – 14th to 18th December, 2020.

One week online FDP on RFTEMC 2020 proposed, and initiated by the Dept. of ECE, and immediately got approved from the Principal, and the Management of Sreyas Institute of Engineering and Technology. 208 participates have registered for the FDP. We are happy to
inform you that maximum participants are from all the parts of India, and we received two international participants from Russia and Dubai.

The following topics have focused in the FDP:

  • Microwave Communication
  • Design and Implementation of Antennas for Industrial Applications
  • RF technology for concealed target detection using radio tomography
  • Computational electromagnetic for medical applications
  • Liquid Antennas for advanced communication systems.
  • Fractal array antennas and applications.
  • Microwave Imaging.

The detailed day wise report as follows,


First day of the program have started by the inaugural address by the Principal Dr. S. Sai Satyanarayana Reddy, Chief guest Prof. P. V. Y. Jayasree, Convener Prof. B. Sreenivasu, and the coordinator, Dr. V. A. Sankar Ponnapalli. Chief guest emphasized on the importance of high frequency electronics for various applications.

Resource person of the Session.1 of the first day, Prof. P. V. Y. Jayasree from GITAM discussed about the EMI/EMC issues, various sources for emi sources observed in day-to-day life, and how to avoid interference issues. Resource person explained few case studies on EM interference issues.

Resource person of the Session.2 of the first day, Dr. D. Rama Krishna from Osmania  University delivered his lecture on reconfigurable antennas for advanced wireless applications. He showcased various RECONFIGURABLE antennas for 5G and other advanced applications, developed by the center of excellence microwave lab of ECE Department, OU.



Session.1 of the Day.2 started with the resource lecture by Prof. S. Raghavan from Department of ECE, NIT Tirchy. Prof. Raghavan shared his vast experience in microwave engineering, and basically concentrated on the transmission lines for planar antennas.

Session.2 of the Day.1 stared with the resource lecture by Dr. Swtha amit from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, and she concentrated on the advanced antenna model, (i.e.) liquid antennas. She is also shared their research work on liquid antennas, and suggested research ideas on these antennas.



Session.1. of the Day.3 carried out by the Dr. M. Nanda Kumar from Dept. of ECE, Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology Hyderabad. He is concentrated on the one of the trending topic in antenna design (i.e.) wearable antennas, and suggested few research ideas for young researchers.

Session.2 of the Day.3, Dr. Amit R Azad from BITS Pilani Hyderabad given a resource lecture on Microwave filters, and substrate integrated waveguides (SIW’s).



Session.1 of the Day.4, Started with the presentation of Dr. E. Mallikarjun from Dept. of ECE, NIT Goa, and He concentrated on the Microwave Imaging and application in medical, military, and commercial applications.

Session.2 of the Day.4 taken by the both Dr. Nanda Kumar from SNIST, and Dr. V. A. Sankar Ponnapalli from Dept. of ECE, Sreyas IET. Dr. Nanda Kumar concentrated on the SIW antennas and recent applications. Dr. V. A. Sankar Ponnapalli focused on fractal array antennas and applications, and also discussed about the research ideas on fractal arrays.



Session.1 of the Day.5, Dr. Shivaraj M Rathod from Defence R&D unit of Bharat Forge Limited, Pune. Dr. Shivaraj concented on the RF technology for concealed target detection using Radio Tomography, and Microwave imaging concepts. He also explained about the internship and training programs in RF & Microwave Engineering provided by Bharat Forge unit. Session.2 of the Day.5, taken by the Dr. T. Shanmuganatham from Pondicherry Central University, Pondicherry on one of the trending topic (i.e.) fractal metamaterial antennas, and he explained about the various design aspects of fractal based metamaterial antennas.

Resource Persons

Name Designation & Affiliation
Dr. S. Raghavan Dept. of ECE Professor (Retd.), NIT Trichy

Dr. T. Shanmuganantham

Associate Professor

Dept. of Electronics Engineering, School of Engineering and Technology, Pondicherry Central University, Pondicherry.


Dr. P. V. Y. Jayasree


Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering GITAM (Deemed to be University),


Dr. D. Rama Krishna Associate Professor,

Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering Osmania University, Hyderabad

  Dr. E. Mallikarjun Dept. of ECE NIT Goa

Dr. Nanda Kumar

Assistant  Professor,

Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering, SNIST Hyderabad

Dr. Shiva Raj Rathod Assistant Manager (Defense R&D)

Bharat Forge, Pune


Dr. Amit Ranjan Azad

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani

Hyderabad Campus


Dr.Swetha Amit

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology



Dr. V. A. Sankar Ponnapalli

Associate Professor

Dept. of Electronics and Communication Engineering Sreyas IET Hyderabad