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R18 – B. Tech CSE Course Structure & Syllabus
R16 – B. Tech. CSE Course Structure & Syllabus 
R16 – B. Tech. I Year II – Semester Course Structure & Syllabus 
R16 – B. Tech. I Year Course Structure & Syllabus
R15 – B. Tech Academic Regulations, Course Structure & Syllabus


Innovations by the Faculty in Teaching and Learning

Students play a critical role in this process. For example, in many courses, students are allotted exercises/assignments in terms of presentation of case studies, topics etc. Such activities not only enhance the learning outcomes but also develop self-confidence among students.  Similarly, in many courses, the quizzes are conducted online. All such activities put students at the center of the teaching and learning process.

Innovation Methods

Flipped Class Room: Student can learn new technology by giving seminars

Background Knowledge Probe: Before commencement of class work, faculty has given some prerequisite knowledge to the students.

Think Pair Share Activity: A group of student can make as group and think-pair-share the given problem in the class work

Problem Based Learning: Learning the new concept by derive/solve the given problem

Clarification Pauses: Students can clarify their doubts

Jigsaw Group: A jigsaw group of student can able to discuss and develop a project/product.