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FDP Workshops

2018-19 1 Workshop on HTML5 & CSS3 Application Development
2 FDP On Deep Learning and Its Applications
3 Workshop on Network Fundamentals
5 IoT for Home Automation
6 A one-day workshop on Scilab in association with IIT Bombay
7 One-week Workshop on Internet of Things
8 One-week Faculty Development Programme on Embedded Systems and Real-Time Applications
9 Two-day Workshop on Research Issues in Medical Imaging and Processing System for Health Care Applications
10 One-week Workshop on Computational Intelligence
11 Workshop on analysis of structures by using STAAD PRO
12 FDP on Courageous Sreyans
13 Seminar on Latest Trends and Job Opportunities in Civil Engineering
14 Workshop on Training on Basics of Remote Sensing and GIS
15 FDP on Open Source Software in Civil Engineering
16 Five days of faculty development program on Modern Manufacturing Processes
17 One week workshop on MATLAB for Mechanical Engineers
18 3 Days workshop on HVAC
19 Five days workshop on Finite Element Analysis using MATLAB
2017-18 1 Workshop on Grid and Cloud Computing
2 FDP on Robotics and automation
3 5 Day workshop on the Internet of Things
4 FDP on Computational Approach in Big Data Analytics
5 Oracle Data Analytics
6 A one-week workshop on Emerging Trends in VLSI and Signal Processing
7 One-day Workshop on MATLAB for Image Processing
8 One-week Faculty Development Programme on Image Processing, Computer Vision and Applications
9 One-week Faculty Development Programme on reconfigurable antennas and micro waves
10  National level Seminar on Water for Life
11 Seminar on Recent Trends and Practices using Concrete Technology
12 Workshop on Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures
13 Evaluation and Simulation of Ski jump bucket trajectory parameters
14 FDP on Time Management and Life Skills
15 One week faculty development program on Emerging Trends in Thermal Engineering
16 2 Days workshop on engineering workshop trades and manufacturing processes for non-teaching
17 Three days workshop on Robotics and Automation
18 One week faculty development program on Computational Fluid Dynamics
19 2 Day training programm on kenimatics and dynamics of machine systems
20 Five days workshop on Joining of Advanced Materials
2016-17 1 FDP  On Computer Vision and Image processing
2 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence
3 FDP on Cyber Security
4 Natural Language Processing & its Applications
5 One-day Workshop on Ubuntu Operating System
6 One-week Faculty Development Programme on VLSI Design Technology and Tools
7 One-week Workshop on Wireless and Optical Communication
8 Two-day Workshop on digital system design
9 FDP on Construction Techniques and Management
10 Workshop on Structural Analysis and Design using STAAD PRO
11 Seminar on Analysis of Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Building
12 Seminar on the Study of Hydraulic machines and its Technology
13 Seminar on Prefabricated Structures
14 Five days of faculty development program on Outcome-Based Education
15 Five days of faculty development program on Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS
16 2 Day workshop on R & AC
17 One week workshop on the Importance of Engineering Drawing and its Pedagogy
2015-16 1 Workshop on  PHP & MY SQL
2 Workshop on Android App development
3 FDP on CN, CISCO Routing & Switching
4 Training on  “Emerging Technologies”
5 One-week Workshop on ASIC and FPGA Design
6 One-week Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications
7 Two Day Faculty Development Program on Effective Teaching methodologies
8 Three days workshop on Basic and Applied Thermodynamics
9 Three days workshop on Skill Upgradation in CAD and CNC (for Teaching and Non Teaching)
10 Five days workshops on Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Filling
2014-15 1 Workshop on Java
2 FDP on Oracle Applications
3 FDP ON 3D Modeling & Animations
4 Five Days Workshop on Real-Time Signal Processing
5 One-day Workshop on Mobile Communication
6 One-day Workshop on Network Security
7 Two days workshop on Preparation of Laboratory Instruction Manuals
8 Five days of faculty development program on Engineering Graphics
9 Five days workshop on Teaching Methodology of Engineering Mechanics Concepts
10 2-day training programme in CNC programming  for teaching and non-teaching faculty